Repealing the Tiahrt Amendment

The Tiahrt Amendment prohibits the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) from releasing firearm trace data to anyone other than law enforcement agents or prosecutors. It requires the FBI to destroy all approved gun purchaser records within 24hours and limiting ATF from requiring gun dealers to submit inventories to law enforcement.

The amendment prohibits disclosure of handgun sales reports as well as gun sales information that’s part of a bona fide investigation. Tiahrt Amendment limits prevention of gun crimes, prosecution of gun offenders, and study on gun trafficking.

Destruction of gun purchaser records also limits ATF’s ability to trace crime guns quickly and efficiently. Lack of inventory control allows corrupt leaders to supply guns to the illegal market undetected. Having no background check records impedes enforcement of the gun laws and increases illegal gun sales.

Crime gun tracing helps solve gun crimes, eliminate illegal gun sources and allows for investigation of gun crimes and perpetrators held accountable. The Amendment limits civil enforcement actions, such as gun dealers license revocations.

MVP has been at the helm of the push to have Tiahrt Amendment repelled. We are appalled that not enough people know of its existence and how it affects them. We have made elected officials such as the District Attorney and the Mayor of Buffalo, NY aware of our stand and what we feel about the Amendment.

Brian Higgins has taken our cry for help to the floor of the Senate, however this is not enough, we need YOU to walk with us in this fight so that we can get these laws changed. Will you join us?

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